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Sad to report but Peanut Butter Plan needs more team members to run our events or we are in danger of shutting down after the December event. I am swamped with my start up and need help!
We need firm commitments from four people for 1/2 a day, ONCE a month; that is it!
If anyone has the urge to help us; this is what our day entials:
-setting up the event,
-escorting and helping volunteers,
-sorting and stacking food and clothing donations,
-cleaning up the room
-managing distribution (with help from the volunteers)
-passing out love in the form of PBJ's and whatever else we collect
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Do you need more volunteers for this Sunday, Nov 19th? On the registration page it states that you're donating peanut butter and jelly to shelters in Florida, and that you're only making a few hundred sandwiches not the usual thousands. So, I'm not sure if my son and I should sign up. Please let me know. We'd love to help out if you need more people! ... See MoreSee Less

Need a volunteer to pick up bread at Smoky Hill Vineyard Church on Saturday morning 10/21 between 7:30 and 9:00

Who can save the day? We are stuck without a bread picker-upper!
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"No matter how dark it gets, always do good." I agree, Gal Gadot. Thank you. Thanks to Yahoo News for this clip.