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Stay up to date with the Peanut Butter Plan!

Sponsors and donors wanted; please help us feed more people if you can!

Do you or your spouse work for a corporation that can help us out? Are you self-employed that can offer a donation (services or gift basket) that can be donated to our Silent Auction for the Peanut Butter Plan? If you do not have a donation for the silent auction, cash donations are always welcome!

The Denver Peanut Butter Plan will be holding a fundraiser, “TOAST” on July 28, 2016 at Marlowe’s Restaurant in Denver.

The Denver Peanut Butter Plan is a 501c3 (84-1409681) whose mission it is to make the world a better place, one PB&J at a time.
Since 2011, volunteers of the Denver Peanut Butter Plan gather monthly to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pass them out to Denver’s homeless population. We make aroud 5500 sandwiches monthly.

Please share your bread by making a tax deductible Silent Auction donation to be available at Toast. Proceeds from TOAST will be use for monthly supplies as well as to refurbish an old camper to be attached to a volunteer’s vehicle and used to cart the PB&J’s to the shelters and those on our local streets.
Thank you very much for your consideration and anticipated generosity!!!

7600 PBJ’s for the homeless on February 28th! What a win!

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday! Hard to believe the numbers if I wasn’t there (and hadn’t carried a billion pounds of bread myself!); we made approximately 7,600 PBJ’s to hand out to homeless people in Denver. With the blessing of our friends at Sock It To Em, we also passed out 800 pairs of socks, and dozens of bags filled with personal care items (“Dignity Bags”) that were put together by Susan Chervitz Migliorini. We passed out food to over twenty agencies and motels and parks all over town; more spots than ever before. Thanks to all the volunteers who did such great things!

We could not have done this without all the generous volunteers who brought much needed ingredients to make all these PBJ’s! We have to give thanks to Dave Clifton Ministries and Smoky Hill Vineyard Church for their generosity, and over 600 loaves of bread given to us.

Last but not least, we have to thank Hebrew Educational Alliance for their support and use of a tremendous space; even with a wedding going on as we were wrapping up!

We are looking for sponsors to help us keep up with this huge quantity of sandwiches we are making, and the huge amount of sandwich bags needed to wrap the PBJ’s. If anyone can help with individual donations, or corporate sponsorships, please email us!

Thank you! Zev Barnett, and the Peanut Butter Plan board!

Excited for tomorrow!

We have well over 100 people signed up to make PBJ’s !  There is a huge stockpile of bread and PB &J to make thousands of sandwiches with at Hebrew Educational Alliance.

We will also have very special guests bringing us 800 pairs of socks to pass out with the sandwiches!

Our largest event ever is happening on December 13th! We are excited…

We are feeling so blessed. There are currently ONE HUNDRED and ONE volunteers signed up and about FORTY others that are coming, from Grandview High School, the Boy Scouts and elsewhere.
It is super important that ALL VOLUNTEERS bring one jar of jelly, one jar of peanut butter and one or more loaves of bread. With this many people we will be preparing food at a pace of 1300-1600 hundred sandwiches per hour and we will run out of ingredients quickly if we don’t have the necessary donations.
Thank you all for volunteering and spreading the word. This will be a fantastic event for sure!
Please share with your friends…we are in need of thousands of ziplock sandwich bags, peanut butter, and jelly. Even if people cannot come many are making donations to us!
So much appreciation to our Board and Kathy Stanley Lockwood, James Fry and Rachel Louis Kogul for letting me lean on them for support as we grow! Excited to have additional brains on the team too! Thanks Jody Collens Fidler and Susan Chervitz Migliorini!