Author: Zev

A much needed donation….

With all the duties of running Peanut Butter Plan, one thing left on the “to-do” list for months and months was the task of designing and procuring a new business card. Thanks to a meeting at a Dolls for Daughters event Katie Jones Jadwin of “Clothes to Kids Denver” offered to undertake the task for us.

I want to thank Katie and spread the word about her non-profit far and wide in Colorado!

Their mission statement is as follows:

The mission of Clothes To Kids of Denver, Inc. is to provide new and quality used clothing to school-age students from low-income or in-crisis families in the Denver Metro Area, free of charge.

This is the place to take your kids clothing so that it is passed on to a child that is surely in need!


Anyone ever heard the term BHAG? This applies to Friday evening 12/5


The plan for Friday is for the Peanut Butter Plan Crew to make at least THREE THOUSAND PBJ’s to be passed out Saturday at an amazing event called Dolls for Daughters, Toys for Boys Toyshop! There will be several thousand poor individuals at this toy giveaway and we want them to go home with some food as well.

To prepare 3000 sandwiches, I estimate that we need 300 loaves of bread, and at least fifty volunteers making sandwiches for three hours. The food bank that donates bread usually has approximately 150 loaves of bread for us. Hopefully they will come through as usual. We have a big ask of the volunteers and their friends: we need a ton of peanut butter and jelly, and about 150 loaves of bread brought to our event to begin the production at 6:30 p.m. Friday!

The Garden has a lovely facility, and it will be great to be hosting our 2nd Peanut Butter Plan event there. We will be bringing adult drinks, and ask that people coming bring some snacks and simple appetizers so that we may sustain the frenzy necessary.

Suggestions are:

Quesadillas, Guacamole and chips and salsa, mini tuna sandwiches, chicken fingers, cut veggies and dip,etc.

Of course, we can also divvy up the 3001st PBJ that we make and all have a bite!


Our group is invited to help on 12/6 when toys and food and toiletries are passed out

Details on the event on 12/6 are below:

Our 5th Annual Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys Toy Shop will take place Saturday, December 6, 2014. This event will take place at the Tailgate Roadhouse. The Tailgate Roadhouse is located at1055 Auraria Parkway, across from Pepsi Center. Doors will open at 9am and will close at 5pm or when we run out of toys.

If you are interested in donating or being a toy shop sponsor, please contact our Executive Director at

At our 5th Annual Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys Toy Shop we will provide assistance to 3,500 children. We plan to provide each child with a new toy, a stocking, a new stocking stuffer, a new book/bookmark and a new toothbrush and toothpaste kit.


In order to participate you MUST have a birth certificate for each of your children and you will be able to receive the items listed above for each child. Birth certificates from anywhere are accepted. We WILL NOT accept any other form of proof related to your child(ren). No social security cards, no school id’s, etc. You must have a birth certificate even if your child(ren) are in attendance. No exceptions will be made.

You will NOT be allowed to shop for anyone other than your child(ren).

A limited number of people will be allowed inside the toy shop at a time. Each household must also complete an anonymous survey that will be provided the day of the event. These surveys help us get funding for this event each year.

There is NO pre-registration for this event.

Please consider using public transportation to attend this event.
The Lightrail stops at Elitches and there are bus routes in the area.
ALL parking in the area is PAID parking.

An unusually great Tuesday afternoon…

Viktor Felkers, Georg-Andreas Pogány and I  met in downtown Denver at Pete’s kitchen this afternoon. We had a quick lunch and then ordered a French dip sandwich and a Greek salad to go and then headed out to meet Larry. Before lunch I went to Acts Resource Center food bank and picked up two crates full of food to bring to Larry the homeless veteran who met our volunteers on Sunday. We delivered the Greek food, three large boxes full of steak, chicken,eggs, crackers, milk energy bars, cereal, bananas, Gatorade, applesauce and other nutritious items to Larry in his little tiny camper. Larry was very appreciative and we enjoyed visiting with him. In order to help them further we are in search of a bicycle (medium sized for a man) and a very warm sleeping bag so that he does not freeze in his camper overnight. Larry does odd jobs remodeling and taking care of lawns and snow removal so if anybody has a contact that could hire him that would be greatly appreciated!  Zev Barnett

Sunday November 16th was an incredible day!

Weather could not stop the incredible group of volunteers that made our first event at The Garden just beyond!! What a great reception we were given by Chris and Aleece Raw to their fabulous home/farm/event center. Not enough can be said to thank all of you who came to make food for others…

What happened afterward was just as magical! One of our volunteers, Jennifer, and her three children found a homeless young veteran named Larry on Colfax Avenue sitting listening to the Broncos game. Jennifer luckily prompted Larry to take off his headphones so he could accept food from her and her family. Jennifer gave Larry our Peanut Butter Plan flyer and used the contact information to find us.

Later Sunday, this message appeared on our Denver Peanut Butter Plan Facebook page!

“Hey if anybody can get ahold of these people I don’t know how to work my phone that well they save my life may not seem like it but they did I didn’t have nothing to eat for two days freezing cold in a camper with no toilet no water and they randomly pick me out of everybody and I’ve never loved peanut butter and jelly so much of my life thank you talia, zev and Shira Barnett face book me email me I wanna give back 720-xxx-00000 if there is a god boy he was looking after me today”

more to come….



Brownies Help Make 2K Sandwiches for Denver Homeless Community

The Denver Peanut Butter Plan recently hosted Girl Scout Troops 59 & 1226 at a PB&J party to fulfill their monthly service project. In two hours, the team was able to make over 2,000 sandwiches to hand out to the homeless. Talk about some true girl power!

(Article courtesy of the Girl Scouts of Colorado)

Looking for a messy and fun service project to help the homeless?  Consider The Denver Peanut Butter Plan!  This organization meets once a month to make as many peanut butter sandwiches as they can.  Young kids can help make the sandwiches for 2 hours in the morning. Adult volunteers distribute the sandwiches in the afternoon.

Our Brownie Girl Scouts chose to work on a Lunches with Love service project this October.  They learned how to work on an assembly line team and that kids can chip in too to help feed others in need.

Each Peanut Butter Plan participant is asked to donate one jar of peanut butter and one jar of jelly, plus 2 or more loaves of bread.  This organization can also use sandwich size Ziploc baggies.  Volunteers are welcome to stay for the fun or just drop off donations.  Other donation ideas to consider would be toiletry kits (deodorant, tooth brushes, etc.), first aid kits or Adult Size t-shirts.  These items are welcome for distribution, anytime!

These troops have a goal of completing one or two service projects a month during the school year.  Next up: Collecting classroom school supplies for their teachers’ wish lists.