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Cops, Socks and Sandwiches Update


Contact: Susan Elizabeth Lee

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day
Cops, Socks and Sandwiches

Sue Lee and Phillis Shimamoto, the founders of the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign along with Zev Barnett, the founder of the Denver Peanut Butter Plan felt it would be a great idea to spread a little peanut butter, a little jelly and some extra love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Cops, Socks and Sandwiches, is a Socks = Love Event. Officers from the Denver Police Department, Denver Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Greenwood Village Police Department are going beyond the badge and will be making hundreds of PB&J sandwiches alongside citizens of all ages, on February 11th from 10:00am -12:30pm. The event is to be held at Palazzo Verdi, located at 6363 S. Fiddlers Green Circle in Greenwood Village. In attendance will be: Mayor Ron Rakowsky, of Greenwood Village, Council Member, Freda Milken, Denver Women’s Commissioner Jill Wright and from the Mrs. Colorado America Pageant: Mrs. Parker Stacey James, Mrs. El Paso County Regina English, Mrs. Highlands Ranch Michelle Medina, Mrs. Wyoming Erica Pedersen and from the Today’s International Women’s Pageant: Mrs. Darla Allgood of Monument CO.

Sue Lee commented, “A community is made up of everyone who resides in it, which also includes those who are presently without a home,” Lee, went on to say, “This event is about community being community, from the officers who serve us, to the youngest that live in it. Cops, Socks and Sandwiches, is for all of us to have some fun, make PB&J sandwiches, write some valentines and then to deliver sandwiches, valentines and socks to those who are often forgotten and left out.”

Socks are the #1 clothing need of those experiencing homelessness. Currently there are about 15,000 individuals who experience homelessness in Denver Metro Area, 64% are families with children, 42% are women and 21% are under the age of 18. The Sock It To Em Sock Campaign provides thousands of pairs of socks to over 70 shelters services and agencies in the Denver Metro Area. The Denver Peanut Butter Plan monthly makes PB&J sandwiches that go out within the greater Denver Metro Area,

Although the event is full, people wishing to help are encouraged, to stop by and drop off NEW socks into containers that will be provided just inside the building OR visit the websites provided to see how you can become involved with either the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign or the Denver Peanut Butter Plan.

Statistics are from the2016 Point In Time Report


Our 10-year-old ROCKSTAR sock ambassador, Lena Young, who has collected 8300 pair of socks is once again selling Girl Scout 🍪 🍪🍪 and you have the opportunity to purchase some for yourself AND donate boxes of cookies to The Peanut Butter Plan! It’s a win-win to support Lena and Zev Barnett’s wonderful charity!

Lena will also be selling cookies at our February 11th “Cops, Socks and Sandwiches” event too which benefits Peanut Butter Plan.

You can go to Lena’s unique digital site to order your cookies now. You will see the green “GIVE” icon at the bottom of the order form if you want to donate cookies.

Go to:

Or contact Lena’s mom, Erin Young! (on Facebook)
Thank you for supporting our two dear friends!!!!
#dowhatyoucan #everyonecandosomething

Excited about Sunday’s event and a new special event in February!

Please come join us this Sunday the 15th, at our usual place in the ballroom at Hebrew Educational Association. The holidays are over and we need all the volunteers we can find; for some reason our numbers go down in the beginning of each year. The homeless problem keeps getting worse, so we must do better.

We will have another of our monthly events at the end of February (date to be posted) but in the meantime, there are possibly twenty or so spaces left to join the Cops, Socks, Sandwiches event on February 11th Details in the photo posted here. Please join us to support the Police and the homeless at this unique event! RSVP to Phillis at the email address noted in the details.


Looking for a year end donation of a large pickup or SUV! Can anyone help?

With our constantly expanding group efforts, Peanut Butter Plan is in need of a large pickup truck or a Chevrolet Suburban. One of these large vehicles will enable us to pick up the bread, clothing and other items that we are giving away at each of our monthly events. We bring supplies to the synagogue where our events happen, then we load up again afterward to go deliver all over Denver.

Simply put, it is hard to move 300-700 loaves of bread which is the typical amount we order before each event.